Become a Reseller

Join the Mobian Platform like 500+ other resellers

Hubs like airports and cities get busy every day. This means that mobility problems arise around these hubs and bother your traveler or visitor. Mobian understands that you want to provide your traveler or visitor with appropriate solutions. Therefore, Mobian offers a one-stop shop concept, which allows you to easily guide your travelers or visitors to the desired location. When you join the Mobian Platform it’s completely free of any charge and you directly get the benefits of:

  • Helping your visitors or travelers by offering them reachable locations
  • Earning extra money by offering mobility solutions to your traveler or visitor
  • Showing your brand on your customer’s booking voucher for extra brand awareness

What’s great about joining Mobian is that it’s a very little effort to connect and offer the solution. After registration, you will receive a login from Mobian, with which you can easily view, download and implement Mobian’s technical solutions on your website. Next to that, you can follow your statistics and see the extra turnover you created. Are you willing to see how it works? Check out the following demo pages:

White Label

Once you have integrated the desired technical solution, you only need to guide website visitors to the platform. The platform enables travelers or visitors to compare ways to your location, or any other desired location, on your website and book it directly.

When you join Mobian, you will automatically be provided with the following standard services:

Contact centre

This allows you to discuss questions about all the mobility solutions directly with Mobian.

Administration point

This ensures that you will only receive the money for your performance and you do not have any administrative actions at all.

In short, Mobian makes it very easy to offer this service to your customer. So take advantage of this and join Mobian.