Let MOBIAN help you

A smart city with good organized urban mobility is a high priority of cities for the upcoming years. In a smart city, incoming traffic must be taken into account. It’s no secret that the incoming traffic in cities is getting busier every day. More residents, more visiting people and more tourists are creating crowdedness and ultimately more mobility issues. Mobian facilitates a relieved city center with less cars on the streets and more livable space by managing incoming traffic.

Mobian creates an overview of all the mobility solutions for getting to the city. Next to that, Mobian takes care of the technology to book those mobility solutions in one online platform. That way, Mobian gives 3rd parties the possibility to offer and book the optimal mobility solution for their customer.

Mobian creates transparency of all mobility solutions and an easy to book funnel for the visitor. For providers and resellers Mobian is a one-stop shop to a whole network where Mobian is taking care of one technology connection, one contact point and one point of administration.

In this joint collaboration with Mobian as a facilitator, we are creating accessible and sustainable cities. By informing or prebooking spots and seats for travelers in advance, we will reduce the number of search kilometers and thereby reduce the CO-2 emission and enable cities to respond faster to the increasing incoming traffic.


How Mobian helps [locations]

network of mobility solutions

Reduce on-street parking

Use one flexible platform for all the mobility solutions in and around your location

Have control over incoming traffic

network of mobility solutions

Analyze your visitors

Reduce search kilometers and thus the CO2 footprint

Have a complete SaaS Software for a livable, sustainable and reachable location